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Export-oriented Garments Manufacturer & Supplier

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  Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside.                                                                

Company Profile

In 2016 we started our business with great enthusiasm and strong entrepreneurship along with skilled partners in the RMG industry. We have expanded our capacity, development, management, team-workforce, and integrated sophisticated technologies to be globally competitive.

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About Us

From the start, we offer reliable service to our clients. Main Customer is from the UK. ITALY. FRANCE. GARMANI. BELGIUM, SPAIN.NETHERLAND. Equipments consist of Different types of Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, Embroidery, and Generatormachines and are supplied by mostly Japan, Taiwan, U.K, the USA, Singapore, etc.. Main Product Basic is T-shirt, Tanktop, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Shorts, Sweat Shirt, Knit Jacket, Pajama Set, Ladis & Kids, Infant Knitwear & All Kinds of Knit Garments. Sewing Capacity:10000 PCs/day.



It is also important to keep the costing as reasonable as possible. We believe the comparison is the only one way to ensure quality and reasonable price. Therefore, we have listed approx 50% of top-level suppliers in Bangladesh and China, and our merchandising team used modern technology software for procurement and purchasing. With this software, they can invite our supplier to submit their costing and offers for a particular part of the product then our merchandisers make a comparison to choice the best quality and costing. Good merchandising is the key to successful execution of a customer's request. Each customer is allocated to a business team, which is responsible for making sure that the customer's requirements are properly understood and executed in close coordination with the factories. This business team is the main contact point of the customer, and the key members of this team often travel to the customer to improve their understanding of the customer's needs and the market.

We do business by LC at-sight payment. Besides, we accept T/T. thanks




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We provide our buyers a Critical Path Method (CPM Method) to ensure when and how the products will be arrived in their port.

We believe in transparency everywhere. Recallengland is not a C&F agent, but we are getting support from some C&F companies to support our buyers. We support our buyers to contact them directly to discuss from service to cost. Those companies provide all kids of C&F services and it is cost-consciousness and trusted.

Having gone through various export procedures, countless times, we have the knowledge required to guide you. We are a garments exporter located in Bangladesh. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Our Services

Product Development

We develop everything you need for your store and clothing business.

Packing & Finishing

Our finishing team will prepare the goods as per customer needs


We build a relationship with your executive and maintain day to day work by Merchandising Team

Garments Lab test

We have contacted international service provider lab - UL, MTS, SGS, ITS.


We proceed the squired production of your product

Logistic support

Our experienced commercial team ensuring you to reach your product to your store

Quality Control

Our experienced Quality team ensuring your product quality.